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Andres' Vintage Computers

Welcome to my lab!

You can contact me on Twitter: @AndresPlazaR
or on Mastodon:

First, read my What is this all about? post, explaining this blog.

Nota para hispanohablantes: este blog lo escribo en inglés para llegar a más personas en Internet. Pero si hay algo que les interese, en particular instrucciones de cómo he reparado algo, ¡no duden en escribirme!

Shake your body (Stacy part 3)

The time arrived to disassemble the body of the Stacy. In general, it wasn’t as difficult as expected, but there is one part that requires to have patience. The first step is disconnect all the cables coming from the body to the screen section (except, in my case, for the LCD power cables that I…

The return of the LCD (Stacy part 2)

In part 1, I showed how to remove the back cover of the screen section. The next thing I did was to replace the LCD screen (the light in the original one was not working anymore). This is the current view: Before continuing, let’s talk about the LCD screen: the one used by Atari is…


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